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CAD Department
Equipped with an CAD department, FRANCE HELICES can make study and propeller design based on previous propeller series studied in cavitation tunnel test.
The computer's drawings offer fiabilitity and accuracy. The drawing's Datas are loaded to the CNC machine to give the requested accuracy.
Calculations are all the time compared to the existing datas and rules of survey organism : LLoyd's register, BV, GL, Rina, etc...
CNC machining
Our powerfull CAD systems is linked to our CNC milling machine. All propellers are previewed with CAD shading and tool path program, before going into production.
Blade shapes are manufactured according to CAD department files.
FRANCE HELICES keep more than 10000 propellers on the shelves.
The foundry
The foundry's models are moulded according to the most modern technology. Ceramics' filters guarantee the abscence of porosities and skin defects, special resins for the casting's conduits.
According to the rules, the casting's temperatures are from 1200° to 1600° depending on material type.
Controls of the temperature is ensured by pyrometric nozzle with precision under 1° Centigrad.

Class I and II
Propellers are grinded manually by skilled engineers and balanced according to ISO 484/2 Rules.

Class "S"
Propellers are CNC machined then electronically balanced and checked on our electronic 3D measuring machine wih an accuracy of 0,005 m.

CNC machine tools
Our milling CNC 5-axis machining also allow us to other precision parts to Customer's request.
After CNC machined, manual completions are performed by skilled personnel prior to electronic balancing.
All details pertaining to each propeller are recorded, as follows :

- serial number

- final control according to ISO Norm : diameter, pitch, weight, tolerances, balancing (report/ratio of balancing – precision of 1/10 gramme), and class.

The control
ISO/484 Norm are quality control and insurance manuel control guarantee to the end user no manufacture's defaults and no worries of our product's use.