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Standard propellers
Standards propellers

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FH 30  

The narrow bladed FH 30 is designed to be used for sailing boats. As the blade width is only 35 % of the diameter, it offers minimum drag when locked in the vertical position while sailing.

Because of the reduced blade area, it is desirable to increase the diameter by 1" or 2" over the conventional 3 bladed propeller.

FH 50  

3 bladed propeller, typically used for slow cruisers. Low consumption of fuel and high efficiency for speed up to 14 knots.

Good manoeuvrability. Anti-singing edge which runs in silence at low revolutions. The best speed / cost ratio.

Used extensively for moderate powered craft when cavitation is not a factor.

FH 55  

3 bladed propeller for cruiser. The best propeller for light boats up to 6 tons. Ideal for power range 20 to 300 horse power for petrol and diesel.

Gives good performance and excellent top speeds when adapted to boat.

FH 65  

This 4 bladed propeller can be used on medium to heavy boats up to 15 knots boat application.

Probably the best price / efficiency ratio on the market. It offers a large range of power application in trawlers, light fishing boats or slow cruising boats. Easy to repair.

FH 75  

This 4 bladed propeller was specially designed for boats requiring silence and to reduce vibrations. FH 75 is the most used standard propeller in european boat yards.

To be used when 3 blades do not match vibration requirements or when diameter is limited.

Very good acceleration and mid range speed.

FH 80  

This propeller is particularly well-adapted to fast boats where performance is a must. The excellent thrust of this propeller is due to the efficiency wich can reach up to 75,3%.

Cavitation criterior to be checked prior to selecting this propeller.

The disadvantage being that it could increase vibrations in the case of large propeller diameter.