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SDS - Surface Drive System | CPP - Controllable Pitch Propellers
CPP - Controllable Pitch Propellers
CPP - Controllable Pitch Propellers

Why a CPP ?
Today, efficiency with low cost is a priority for pleasure craft. FRANCE HELICES' CPP are designed to answer to this criterias. More than 250 boats are equipped with FRANCE HELICES' CPP are the best reference.
This propulsion system is particulary adapted to working boats who need conditions of variable speed propulsion : traction, Manoeuvrability (ex. trawler, tug boat, boats of constraint, etc ...).
This propulsion system offers many advantages, technical and economic.
The advantages

Propelling output under load is higher than a fixed pitch propeller, making the best of speed and the thrust performances.

A better manoeuvrability :

Go front to reverse gear is done without dead time and jolts just to a simple pitch inversion. The improve reaction time is very fast, always with max power to insure best security for passengers' boats, with a reduction of the time and distance to stopping the boat.

A better use of the diesel engine : 100% of the power stay available at the propeller in all cases (Open water, trawling, manoeuvrability,...). A constant nominal speed of the engine is possible with the CPP, with low cost, maintenance and cost of use and the clutch disks wear is reduced.

Advantage of force catches fitted on the gearbox, the constant engine rate and the disengageable gearbox, offer the possibility to involve the shipborne equipment pumps.
Nondisengageable, they involve an alternator and reduce the power, the cost, the consumption and the place taken by the auxiliary engines.

High Skew
Tuna Seiner
Fishing boats
Open water
Standard series
FH 95
Fast boat series
The "Plus"

Easy fittings of the electric commands, combining best security and best flexibility (as the automatic pitch reduction in case of engine overload or nets overpressure).

Effectives emergency commands and easy manoeuvrability in case of damages.

The monobloc hub is waterproof. A very simple mounting, the disassembling of the blades doesn't require to move back the shaft even in a nozzle. In the "integrated command into the clutch" version, the roll jack is flasked on the output flange of the gearbox allowing a very fast assembling.

The simplicity of the system offers a minimal maintenance :

All of the components are auto-lubricated by the hydraulics circuits.

Study and development

With many years of experience, FRANCE HELICES is able to give you a real assistance in selecting the best propeller. With the technicals elements and design given by the shipyards or naval achitects, our CAD department can determine the best propeller that the boat need for the maximal efficiency. They can give you the advices concerning the choice of the best propulsion power and best reduction depending of the available room.


With his modern integrated foundry capable of producing items up to 3,5 tons made from Cu-Ni-Al bronze, stainless, aluminium and cast iron, FRANCE HELICES is able to guarantee both delivery times and product quality.
The entire manufacturing process is carried out in FRANCE HELICES' fully integrated factory which is equipped with high performance and specially adapted machine tools. These facilities ensure conformity with class II-I and S of ISO standard under the control of the main approval organizations (ABS - BV - DNV - GL - LRS - SIAR...). Production capacity goes up to 3500 mm (11 feet, 9 inches) length for shaft lines. Stringent quality control from material reception in the laboratory to finish product that fits customer requirements. Finally, FRANCE HELICES is RAQ2 classified (equivalent to AQAP4 of NATO).

Thrust Cylinder
O.D. Box
Basic control
Complete control
Emergency pump for
classified applications
Relay box
After sale services
From the assembly assistance to the repairing of the damaged propeller, a structured after sales service is available in short delays.
The very large inventory of usual spare parts is kept to reduce more expensive boat immobilisation.
FRANCE HELICES is more than just a supplier, we are your partner at work.
We assist you from your project conception to the manufacturing and your boat dayly use.